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[NC] was Re: MGA Radiator

Subject: [NC] was Re: MGA Radiator
From: (Carol)
Date: Thu, 26 Dec 1996 15:54:52 -0600 (CST)

Since we are planning to redo the radiator, I appreciate the tip to do the
heater core at the same time.

>Hi Ed, and Happy New Year:
>The answer to all of your questions, except the last, is yes.  Take the rad
>out and take it to a good radiator shop (ask around in your area).  They
>will hot-tank it, which strips the paint and cleans out all the crud, and


> While you're at it, pull out the heater core and have it done as well.
>You won't be sorry.  When all of those pieces are out being serviced, throw


>BTW, we're having a heat wave today.  Temperature is only -14C.  However,
>true to form, the forecast for Saturday shows a low of -41C (-42F).  Good
>thing I'll be in Vegas.

Now there's "body shock!!" How on earth will you be able to go home to -41C
after being in Vegas??!!! <g>


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