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Re: TD bolt color

To: Bob Dallas <>
Subject: Re: TD bolt color
From: (Steve Tritle)
Date: Fri, 27 Dec 1996 08:12:34 -0500
Bob Dallas wrote:
> I painted mine black-including washers.  I know that I read that this was
> correct somewhere but can't remember where.  What color should the bolts and
> nuts be that attach the wings?
> >To be 'correct', what color should the bolts/nuts be that protrude
> >inside the TD that hold the gas tank straps to the top of the body tub.
> >
> >There are four of them with washers. My interior is biscuit. Should they
> >be painted the same 'tan' as the top bow or left unpainted?
> >
> >I can't seem to find any references in any of my literature.
> >
> >Steve
> >52 TD
> >
> >
The wing bolts should be body color as per the T-Series restoration
guide. I still have no definitive answer as to the tank strap
bolts/washers on the inside of the TD.

So far I see Black and interior color but no references.



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