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Re: TD bolt color

To: (Steve Tritle)
Subject: Re: TD bolt color
From: Ross MacPherson <>
Date: Fri, 27 Dec 1996 12:40:25 -0800
At 08:12 AM 12/27/96 -0500, you wrote:
>Bob Dallas wrote:
>> I painted mine black-including washers.  I know that I read that this was
>> correct somewhere but can't remember where.  What color should the bolts and
>> nuts be that attach the wings?
>> >To be 'correct', what color should the bolts/nuts be that protrude
>> >inside the TD that hold the gas tank straps to the top of the body tub.
>> >
>> >There are four of them with washers. My interior is biscuit. Should they
>> >be painted the same 'tan' as the top bow or left unpainted?
>> >
>> >I can't seem to find any references in any of my literature.
>> >
>> >Steve
>> >52 TD
>> >
>> >
>The wing bolts should be body color as per the T-Series restoration
>guide. I still have no definitive answer as to the tank strap
>bolts/washers on the inside of the TD.
>So far I see Black and interior color but no references.

Not necessarily definitive for a TD but Mike Sherrel's excellent reference
on TC's "TC's Forever" states on page 224: "....bolt heads and washers
painted trim colour (Tank strap fixing)."  This would indicate that they
should be painted the same colour as the grill slats.  In other words
upholstery colour.  There is a picture, unfortunately in black and white
that shows these bolt heads.  They are an exact match to the upholstery shade.
I suspect that the treatment on a TD would be the same.  Hope this helps.
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