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Re: Car needs to run hotter!

Subject: Re: Car needs to run hotter!
From: bob gibbons <>
Date: Fri, 27 Dec 96 10:44:41 CST
>>>>> "SG" == Scott Gardner <> writes:

SG> Date: Thu, 19 Dec 1996 23:52:24 -0600 From: Scott Gardner
SG> <> Subject: Car needs to run hotter!

SG> Can anybody help me warm up my MGB?  Since the weather has dropped
SG> to the teens here in Florida, my temp gauge never gets beyond
SG> halfway between "C" and "N".  It was running right at the bottom of
SG> the "N" range before the weather changed.  I think a thermostat
SG> change is probaby in order, but I don't know what temperature
SG> thermostat to ask for.  Any suggestions?  Scott '72 MGB

When it gets below freezing here in Dallas, I use a small piece of
cardboard inserted just in front of the radiator to decrease the frontal
radiator area about 50%.


Bob Gibbons                             Texas Instruments
Internet:       Dallas, TX

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