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Rebuild is on the Wall, what, a bore!

Subject: Rebuild is on the Wall, what, a bore!
From: Jarl/Carol <>
Date: Fri, 27 Dec 1996 08:47:42 -0800
> Well, I guess the handwriting is on the wall for a rebuild of TINTIN's
> engine, but before I jump off that particular bridge, the compression to 
> So the real question is: is the loss of compression in #3 necessarily
> past the rings, or could it be valves?

A drop in one cylinder like that is usually an exhaust valve, listen at
the exhaust pipe as someone shuts off the engine from an idle. If you
hear a "chuff, chuff" as it coasts to a stop, that normally indicates
air leaking past a valve

> just 'normal' wear for a 130,000 mile engine, with no scoring, can new
> rings be put in without boring and going over-size?  *Sigh*

NEVER try new rings in Brit pistons, the grooves are almost always worn,
and there is as much or more leakage (behind the ring) afterwards due to
a square ring not fitting in a V shaped groove. If cost is a real
problem, and if you can get spacers, have the ring grooves recut and
then put in new rings. If bore wear is light, you can just replace with
same size pistons and save the rebore cost and hassle.    Jarl

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