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Flying Shingle, some info

To: "Syl's Sydney Homestay" <>
Subject: Flying Shingle, some info
From: Jarl/Carol <>
Date: Fri, 27 Dec 1996 09:15:23 -0800
Syl's Sydney Homestay wrote:
> Are there any US listers who can go back to the mid fifties and recall
> seeing "The Flying Shingle" of Ken Miles in action?
> >From an article I read about three years ago the car was then alive and
> well and living in Fayetteville, Arkansas.
> Paul

Yes, I remember it well, even raced against it. The proper name for the
"Flying Shingle" was R-2 and it replaced a more torpedo shaped earlier
special named R-1. I have a painting on my wall that was done from a
photograph of Ken racing with his friend Cy Yedor at Pebble Beach in
1953 or 54. Ken is in R-2 and Cy in R-1 and it's raining. It was given
out as an award for "Outstanding Presentation of an under 1500cc Vintage
Race Car" at the Monterey Historics, since Ken exemplified the "Giant
Killer" aspect with these super successful MG specials. The ideas for
the cars were Ken's but the cars in reality were at least 50% built by
Gough Industries, the MG distributor Ken worked for. Both R-1 and R-2
are alive, but (in my opinion) not well. They are living in Washington
and owned by a man who doesn't care enough about history to suit me.
Would you believe a Fiat 124 5 speed with an MG emblem welded onto the
remote for "realism"? Several other things jar the eye as well. At least
they have survived!  Jarl

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