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Re: jumping sparks

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Subject: Re: jumping sparks
From: "Michael P. Ohleger" <>
Date: Sat, 28 Dec 1996 00:08:57 -0500 wrote:
> this is not a mg posting but it may relate to something in your future
> computer screen getting bad, dark at rimes, lines.etc
> eventually it went out and i heard sparks jumping, just
> like ignition sparks.
> took the case off and turned it on ... sparks at about an inch
> were jumping from the high tension coil (where the high voltage wire goes
> to the picture tube.) (from the coil not the tube) to the metal frame.
>  put some plastic sheeting, about 15 pieces between the coil from which
> the sparks eminated and the frame... put it together and its running
> just fine.
> the son of hades mechanic that has my car, promised dec 24
> i still have no car...
> i hope he is as good as he used to race.
> got a color printer for christmas
> in my previous rambling i mentioned relays, a wise gentleman put
> forth ther idea that the trouble with stop light switches  and  with plastic
> brake fluid
> may be from products of the arcing within the switch causing greif at
> the electrical contacts....... best theory i've heard so far.
> so if a relay that requires a minute amount of current were the only
> item in the circuit , less current, less arcing, less junk produced,
> better performance from the switch.
> rocky

Hey Rocky,



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