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Re: Christmas Eve

To: MG List <>, Ed McCarroll <>
Subject: Re: Christmas Eve
From: "Michael P. Ohleger" <>
Date: Sat, 28 Dec 1996 00:14:52 -0500
Ed McCarroll wrote:
>         Blasting along the Blue Ridge Parkway?   Last time I was there
>         the speed limit was 50mph, and well enforced.

Wow! Ed, you're right.  But on Monday, It's going to be 68 degrees here 
in the Old Domonion, and I plan to get my '67 B out of Winter storage 
for one more thrashing before the snows come.  I'm particularly fond of 
that set of curves near Elk Wallow on Skyline Drive!


Michael Ohleger

'67 MGB
'70 MGB

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