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Re: TC steering

Subject: Re: TC steering
From: (Ron Simon)
Date: Sat, 28 Dec 1996 11:25:50 +0100
>I ran into one Ian Mahon on Christmas day and he owns a TC, said that a lot
>of T type racers are putting Mini rackandpinions into their TC as opposed to
>the Aussie Datsun steering boxes.......Has anyone heard of this?  This is a
>new one on me.
>We used to have a gent here in the Bay Area that put some kind of rack and
>pinions on TC 's and really bodged them.....turning radius about 50 feet!
Terry, what is the limit for changing a TC?   OK, the Bishop Cam & lever
steering is abominable and the Datsun conversion is very close to the
original in appearance and doesn't require any modifications to the
chassis. But rack and pinion, ugh!!. The TC's are meant to be driven and
anything that can improve that without making too obvious a change is OK by
me. To that extent  I have changed the rear end ratio of my TC to the
optional 4.875:1 instead of the original 5;125:1 Now when I am going down
the highway at 60mph, (in the slow lane) the tach shows less than 4,000
Rpm. The downside is that I lack power going up hill when loaded with the
two of us and luggage. The answer if feel in order to keep things somewhat
original is a 1500cc engine as used in the late TF1500 which was a bored
out version of the original 1250cc XPAG engine.  I am now collecting pieces
to build one and have almost everything except a crankshaft. The block is
from a late TD and is presently being bored and sleeved a la Mike Goodman.
Interesting to hear any comments. Ron

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