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interiors / Vendors

Subject: interiors / Vendors
From: (David Deutsch)
Date: Sat, 28 Dec 1996 03:10:23 -0800
I think Special Interest Car Parts, out of Rhode Island has the best 
quality at a good price. They have a fine catalog, call for your copy 
today ( open Saturdays from 9-4 Eastern time) 800-851-5600 and tell 
them I say hello. Now if you want leather, Mike Satur out of England is
the guy you want, US contact: Ian Pender in Jersey 609-890-2959 or fax 
info request 609-890-9261  Safety fast, David Deutsch

Disclamer S.I.C.P. and Mike Satur: no financial interest in fiddilly 
dee fiddilly dum, yada yada, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 
You wrote: 
>Christmas has come and gone, Santa left a lump of coal at our house 
>year. All were down with the creep'n crud ... well probably the flu 
>looks like recovery is imminent. With the B scattered all over the 
>paint and interior planning is in the works. Any opinions about 
>Vendors?? Quality?? Ease of installation?? VB has the interior kit ( 
>maybe better color selections ) vs. Moss??                  
>                                        Thnx,
>                                        Larry  '73B  '70BGT '74TR6
>ps. I still must be feverish asking if anybody on this list had an 
>pps Welcome back Jim.

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