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Testimony to Jack Stands

Subject: Testimony to Jack Stands
Date: Sat, 28 Dec 1996 23:03:34 -0500
>From tonights email news:

c The Associated Press
      DENVER (AP) -- When Gary Lewis' car collapsed onto his chest
while he was changing the transmission, the only people around to
hear his cries for help were five skinny youngsters.
      Together, the four boys and a girl -- ranging in age from 8 to 13
-- were able to lift the compact Ford Festiva just enough to allow
Lewis to slide free. He emerged with bruises and scrapes and did
not require hospitalization.
      ``They're my heroes. I don't know how they did it,'' Lewis said
of Friday's rescue. ``But if they hadn't gotten that car off me
when they did, I wouldn't be talking to you right now.''
      After hearing Lewis, 33, cry for help, Raymond Brown III, 13;
Omar Turner, 10; Gordon Stevens, 9; Tamika Brown, 9; and 8-year-old
Sorl ``Shugey'' Shead came to the rescue.
      ``I ran into my house and told my mom to call 911,'' said
Raymond. Then he led his friends over the backyard fence, and
across the alley to Lewis.
      ``They definitely saved my life because I was losing breath
fast,'' he said.
      And what was it that gave the youngsters such a Popeye-like
burst of strength?
      ``I drink milk,'' Shugey replied.
      ``I drink milk, too, and I eat cheese,'' Tamika said.
      ``It probably had something to do with Christmas candy; all that
sugar gave them energy,'' said Yvonne Brown, Raymond and Tamika's
      Shugey flexed his 8-year-old biceps and said, ``I feel like a
mighty hero.''

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