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Re: Tops for B's/ interiors Vendors/Revision

To: (Carol)
Subject: Re: Tops for B's/ interiors Vendors/Revision
From: (David Deutsch)
Date: Sun, 29 Dec 1996 04:44:36 -0800
I would like you all to know that my experiences are based on less than 
2 years of british car ownership. I drive alot of miles, attend alot of 
shows and talk to many people. I base my OPINIONS on what others have 
told me as much as my limited personal findings.

In choosing anything for your cars you need to establish what products 
are going to suit YOUR needs best. What is good for my MG, driven 
10,000 miles+ annually with out regard to weather, may not be good for 
a person who has a pampered "show" car. My cars are for the fun of 
driving and when I want to look at "show" cars I'll look at someone 
elses. I truely appreciate these "once a week waxers" and just hope 
that they are enjoying their labor of love in keeping their cars spic 
and span and keeping their's alive as much as I'm enjoying beating the 
life out of mine and looking forward to the next rebuild. I often say 
"This ain't no sip'n B" and to those who insist "you only go round 
once" stay out of my way cause I'm going around as many times as I can 
in the short time I have on this earth. 

That being said, please bare in mind what you wish to accomplish with 
each replaced item on your car. Leather is for show, not go, for 
interiors. If you got a daily driver, a good set of fabric or vinyl 
will suit your needs much better. 

As far as tops "hoods" are concerned, I think of them as I do tires and 
know that they will only give limited # of years service before their 
replacement will be required. Robin Weatherall just sent a note stating 
that he is unhappy with the way his Prestige top is aging after only 3 
years. I have the utmost of respect for him and his vast knownlege of 
MGs he has acquired through many years of appreciating these cars and 
look forward to hearing his opinions on alternative products and 
reccomendations. Safety Fast David Deutsch

You wrote:
Both topics are very timely, for me. Thanks, David.
>Question: Why would you not recommend any color but black in the 
>I dun' like black tops!! But, if there is a significant 
>etc....I could change my mind.

Ease of cleaning and staining and smugging the black simply does not 
show dirt as much. The vinyl I have on 66 is white and easy to clean 

>Just curious....

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