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Midget Wiring

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Subject: Midget Wiring
From: "Mike Ellsworth" <>
Date: Sat, 28 Dec 1996 23:33:32 -0500
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I have recently acquired a 71 Midget, and while it seems to be in pretty
good shape, the under dash wiring is a hodge podge. The 4-way flasher
switch and indicator light don't work, and are stuffed up under the dash.
There are connections for a radio (original?) which has been removed. The
temp gauge doesn't work, and a new one is stuck under the dash by a wire
tie, and none of the warning (idiot) lights on the dash seem to work.  I
need to know where the 4-way switch and indicator go, as there are no holes
in the dash for either.  The other problem I have is a PO had the car
undercoated (saved the body, made all the wires black) and all the wiring
under the hood is coated with this stuff. Can anyone reccomend a book and
where to get it that will show GOOD schematics and dash layouts for this
car?  Do the Haynes manuals do a good job of covering Midget wiring, or is
there something better?

                                           Thanks and Safety Fast
                                           Mike Ellsworth in Michigan
                                           71 Midget

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