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Re: MGB books

Subject: Re: MGB books
From: John Steunenberg <>
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>From: Wayne Kube <>
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>Subject: Re: MGB books
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>Dustin Howarth wrote:
>> Hi all:
>> I need to call on the vast wisdom of the list for recommendations
>> about a good MGB book that gives detailed descriptions of
>> changes made with each and model year.  I guess I would like
>> something that covers MGCs as well, so maybe a more general MG
>> book?  Maybe both?  
>> While I'm at it, do most of you B'ers use the Bentley Factory Manual
>> or Haynes Workshop Manual?  I'm guessing that the Bentleys is
>> worth the extra money, but I wanted some advice before I plunged!
>Dustin -
>       The best I've found for the changes is Anders Ditlev Clausager's
>'Original MGB'.  It covers the MGB, MGC, the GT versions, as well as the
>MGB GT V8.  Details, colors, etc by year and production numbers.
>The Haynes Workshop Manual is fair, but Robert Bentley's 'Complete
>Official MGB" is far and away the better of the two.
>Wayne Kube
>1979 MGB
>Plano, TX      
    Dustin ( In case you wanted a second opinion ) 

    I would have to agree with Wayne. Clausager's book is outstanding!! This
book will tell you anything you ever wanted to know about the MGB. I would
also suggest getting in purchasing a Bentley manual I have both and use the
Bentley far more often..

  Dan Steunenberg
  67 MGB 
  Safety Fast Motoring !!

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