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MGB books

Subject: MGB books
From: Dustin Howarth <>
Date: Sat, 28 Dec 96 17:17:02 PST
Hi all:

I need to call on the vast wisdom of the list for recommendations 
about a good MGB book that gives detailed descriptions of 
changes made with each and model year.  I guess I would like 
something that covers MGCs as well, so maybe a more general MG 
book?  Maybe both?  I have Porter's Guide to Purchase and DIY 
Restoration, and now want to expand my library.

I stopped in to a local Borders book store to check out their 
selection.  They regularly carry the following:

MGB: The Complete Story  -- B. Laban
MGB  Illustrated History -- J. Wood
MG Sports Cars -- J. Heilig
MG Collection -- R. Monk
MGB Restoration/Prep/Maintenance -- J. Tyler

Is one of these god for my needs, or is there a better option?

While I'm at it, do most of you B'ers use the Bentley Factory Manual 
or Haynes Workshop Manual?  I'm guessing that the Bentleys is 
worth the extra money, but I wanted some advice before I plunged!

Dustin Howarth
Washington, PA  (Pittsburgh)

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