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Re: Time for a Weber

Subject: Re: Time for a Weber
Date: Mon, 30 Dec 1996 08:03:53 -0500
 < I am going to explore the local junkyards tomorrow, but
I am doubtful about any Webers in south Mississippi junkyards.  I can
already hear the rednecks going "MGB?  Ain't that one of them furrin'
cars?  Why don't you just buy you a Mustang?" >


Be sure to wear greasy cover-alls. I have found that a junk yard pricing can
be proportionate to how you look. Never, never stop off on the way home from
work wearing a tie.

R. Johnson - Dallas

'90 Maine Coon
'79 Midget
'76 Midget
'73 MGB  

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