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Re: Sprite Front Suspension

Subject: Re: Sprite Front Suspension
Date: Mon, 30 Dec 1996 08:03:49 -0500
In a message dated 96-12-29 21:50:29 EST, (W.
R. Gibbons) writes:

<< An alternative way is to remove the lower spring pan.  Put the suspension 
 together.  Then get some threaded rod, washers, and nuts.  Put the spring 
 in place, then attach the spring pan with 4 inch or so lengths of 
 threaded rod.  Washers under the nuts will help the nuts turn.  Pull the pan

 into place with the threaded rod, then remove the rods one at a time and 
 replace with the standard bolts and nuts.  Again, be sure the suspension 
 is in the full rebound (hanging) position to make this easier and safer.

I have found a 4 - 5" long 5/16" carriage bolt works real well for this (four
of them to be exact). Apparently the large head provides enough friction
against the spring pan to allow the nut to turn (rather than the bolt) and is
a little simpler to deal with than all-thread with nuts on each end. The
carriage bolt head can't come off unexpectedly like another nut, either.
You'll need a deep reach 1/2" socket too. I use a pair of Vice Grips on the
outside of the socket. Not quite Kosher but, it works very well (and fast

I also concure with the use of a floor jack over a bottle jack, even a $30
one. Once I got one I don't see how I ever did without it.

R. Johnson - Dallas

'90 Maine Coon
'79 Midget
'76 Midget
'73 MGB  

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