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Re: MGB suspension product/dealer ??s

To: David Deutsch <>
Subject: Re: MGB suspension product/dealer ??s
From: Michael Hartwig <>
Date: Tue, 31 Dec 1996 08:04:54 -0600
David Deutsch wrote:
> I've spoken with several converts to tube shocks and am convinced it's
> the drivers way to go. Next leaky lever arm shock and they're outta
> there. Brit-tek  800-255-5883 seems to be a good source. Borwsing
> through Hemmmings and Novus ad caught my eye "MGB Rear tube  shocks and
> mounting kit, $60.pair 714-979-0451 CA" any body do this one. Seem to
> remember someone about 6 weeks ago mention them. How's it hanging?
> I'm also wondering if their are any with dealings with The Proper MG
> out of MA. Good?, Bad? or indifferent? their pricing appears to be
> competative.
> Thanks and Safety Fast, David Deutsch

Don't know about Novus.  Brit-Tek is good for resources and they're
prices aren't 
half bad either. I've personally dealt with Proper MG.  Shipping is
quick, the 
prices are very good, but shipping prices seem to a little high.  Still
though, Proper MG is still much cheaper than Moss, and others.  The
owner claims he 
imports all or most of his parts from England, thereby reducing costs to
us.  And he's 
knowledgeable about MGB, so no ignorant operator taking your orders or

He's definately worth a try.  If you're looking for a SPAX rear
conversion, look up 
Special Interest.  They have them really cheap, but are never in stock.


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