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sill replacement - my questions.

Subject: sill replacement - my questions.
From: (James F. Porco)
Date: Tue, 31 Dec 1996 10:08:11 -0400
To piggy back on Bruce's questions about his sill/castle/rocker panel
replacement, I too have a few Q's. 

I am not only replacing the full sill/castle/rocker panel setup on both
sides, I'm also replacing the floor.
Should I weld the floor in first then the sill/castle/rockers or
vis-a-versa?  Also, I am thinking of spot welding the sill/rocker/castle
section together first then weld the whole thing to the body.  Would this be
a bad thing or should I just stick to welding each part in one at a time?  

Lastly, has anybody had marginal success with avoiding burning holes in the
metal while MIG welding them.  I have several books that say the "trick" is
it a matter of setting the speed of the wire and the voltage properly.  But,
I just have not been able to find that "Welding for Dummies" or "Welding
Tips and Tricks" books that seem so prevelent in other subjects at the
bookstores. I have had mixed results with various similar settings on the
voltage and wire setting.  I would like to avoid additional panel purchases
if I can. Should I guestimate the drag speed of the weld, like five seconds
for every inch, then adjust timing, wire and voltage from that point, or is
it a matter of spacing between the butt ends (e.g., no spacing will reduce
putting holes in the metal)? 

Thanks for any help,

Jim Porco
1971 MGB-GT

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