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MGB lighting system & alternator upgrade?

Subject: MGB lighting system & alternator upgrade?
From: (Naoki Takebayashi)
Date: Tue, 31 Dec 1996 19:01:07 -0600
I started to think the lighting system of MGB isn't great after driving a
modern car (Volvo) recently.  I have a '73 B-GT.  I'm thinking of upgrading
the lighting system.  As a first step, I'm thinking of installing H4
headlight such as Marshall or Cibie Z-beam.  I may add driving lights and
fog lights in the future.  So here is my question.  Is the stock alternator
(rebuilt A1611R from Moss) enough to support the increased load??  Or will
I need to get a more powerful alternator?  I guess I need to install relays
and better wire, but the alternator broke after it came back from a body
shop (replaced rear fender) 2 days ago.  So if I need a stronger alternator
in the future upgrade, this is the time to replace it.
I've never heard people talking about upgrading the alternator of MGB.  But
Rally cars should need a better alternator.  Do you know what kind of
alternators people use for those competition MGB's?  I appreciate your
opinions and/or suggestions concerning lighting system upgrades.
Have a happy new year!!

Naoki Takebayashi            
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