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Brake Bleeding

To: <>
Subject: Brake Bleeding
From: "Tyson Sherman" <>
Date: Tue, 31 Dec 1996 20:11:09 -0600
I recently drained my brakes on my 76B(by loosening bleed screws on both
side brakes). After rebuilding the mast. cylinder and putting it back on,
I started bleeding the brakes. After bleeding until I see no more air on
all but the drivers side front, I started on that one. I have had my
pump that pedal probably 25 times and air is still coming out. I tried to
drive the car, and the brake pedal goes almost all the way to the floor
stopping. The drivers front is still putting out air. I've recently bled
clutch successfully, and there are no leaks of fluid. I have the cap sealed
and have to periodically add fluid. What's wrong?

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