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Re: @!#$*&% Weather

To: David Councill <>
Subject: Re: @!#$*&% Weather
From: bill <>
Date: Thu, 03 Apr 1997 09:42:29 -0800
David Councill wrote:
> >get a grip, we haven't had much snow at all
> >this winter, weather was great here all weekend.
> >
> I can't complain either. And today, I actually got to
> roll the windows down on my BGT for the drive home!
> Still hasn't hit 70 here in Montana yet, though it got close.
> David

put my wife's GT out on the side of the street two days ago so I could
get my roadster into the garage- it only had the tonneau on as I've not
needed the top for a couple of weeks.  Sure enough, its now under 8" fo
snow and its supposed to continue all day and possibly night.  Have been
using son's VW Transporter and wife's Peugeot wagon (gee, that posi is
wonderful!!).  Should all be gone by Sat/Sun.

Bill, prescott, AZ

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