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Re: Electrical problems

Subject: Re: Electrical problems
From: Bill Kostka <>
Date: Fri, 30 May 1997 10:51:43 PDT
> An update and a question.....
> A couple weeks ago, I was having trouble with a non-blinking right side
> turn signal. I got several replies indicating that it was likely a low
> voltage situation. At the same time my generator started acting up so I
> thought maybe the two things were related. After making inquiries about
> converting to a Delco alternator, I read Scott helm's post about polarizing
> a generator. Having nothing to lose, I tried it, and it worked. It is
> charging right up to 18-19 volts at 3k+RPMs. Does anyone know what causes a
> generator to lose proper polarity, and is this an indication of future
> problems? 
> Now back to the turn signal. My right side turn signals still won't blink.
> I can turn on the signal and it will light steadily, but I can turn it on
> and off with the turning stalk. I turn on the hazard lights, then it will
> start to blink.I replaced all bulbs, checked connections, measured voltages
> and resistances, flasher (left side works fine), everything I can think of.
> Someone suggested the hazard switch may be at fault, but they work fine, to
> the point where they override the turn signal not blinking. Could a bad
> hazard switch be dropping some voltage from one turn signal, so the flasher
> doesn't energize? Anyone ever have a similar problem?
>                               I bow to your expertise,
>                               Mike Ellsworth

???? 18-19 volts on a 12 volt system?  I would think this would cook
your battery and possibly other equipment.  I thought that 14.7 volts
or so was the optimum voltage for equalizing across the cells when
recharging a 12 volt lead-acid battery system.

Have I misunderstood what you were measuring?

Perhaps some other listers have more info on this than I do.  I certainly
claim no expertise to bow to.



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