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Re: Electrical problems

To: Mike Ellsworth <>
Subject: Re: Electrical problems
From: Bud Krueger <>
Date: Fri, 30 May 1997 16:00:00 -0400
Mike Ellsworth wrote:

> An update and a question.....
> A couple weeks ago, I was having trouble with a non-blinking right
> side
> turn signal. I got several replies indicating that it was likely a low
> voltage situation. At the same time my generator started acting up so
> I
> thought maybe the two things were related. After making inquiries
> about
> converting to a Delco alternator, I read Scott helm's post about
> polarizing
> a generator. Having nothing to lose, I tried it, and it worked. It is
> charging right up to 18-19 volts at 3k+RPMs. Does anyone know what
> causes a
> generator to lose proper polarity, and is this an indication of future
> problems?
> Now back to the turn signal. My right side turn signals still won't
> blink.
> I can turn on the signal and it will light steadily, but I can turn it
> on
> and off with the turning stalk. I turn on the hazard lights, then it
> will
> start to blink.I replaced all bulbs, checked connections, measured
> voltages
> and resistances, flasher (left side works fine), everything I can
> think of.
> Someone suggested the hazard switch may be at fault, but they work
> fine, to
> the point where they override the turn signal not blinking. Could a
> bad
> hazard switch be dropping some voltage from one turn signal, so the
> flasher
> doesn't energize? Anyone ever have a similar problem?
>                                 I bow to your expertise,
>                                 Mike Ellsworth

     I think that you may have created a problem. I was somewhat puzzled
by Scott's description of how he polarized his generator. It almost
sounded as if he had the engine running at the time. Hope not.
Polarizing the generator means to give an initial magnetic polarization
to a piece of iron at the field windings. After this is done, the
magnetic field will induce current into the armature windings in the
proper direction. The way polarization is easily accomplished is at the
voltage regulator. With the engine stopped,
momentarily coonect a jumper wire between the D (Dynamo) terminal and
the B ( Battery) terminal. It only takes an instant.
     If you're seeing 18-19 volts of ouput, you may have fried your
voltage regulator. Keep an eye on your battery electrolyte, and your


Bud Krueger, OF

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