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Re: Can't go over 3500 rpm

To: MG <mgs@Autox.Team.Net>
Subject: Re: Can't go over 3500 rpm
From: Adrian Jones <>
Date: Sun, 24 Aug 1997 19:57:03 -0400
Well Folks,
        First off, thanks for responding.  The situation is as before - I=

can't get my Midget over 3500rpm.  It just won't go fast and it starts ba=
firing in the exhaust.  It seems to run fine at idle and just before I hi=
I done the following, to no avail:
Removed air and fuel filter.
Installed new electronic fuel pump.
Checked float height, Grose jet operation, choke operation.
Checked for manifold/spacer leaks with carb spray.
Fuel in both reservoirs is clean and about the right height.
Checked fuel line between carbs
"Pistons" move up and down smoothly
Fuel is not old, as this is my regular driver.
Tried various mixtures  (raising/lowering jets)

Replaced CB points, condenser, rotor, plugs.
Swapped with old but good distributor, distributor cap, plug leads.
Rechecked timing and dwell.

Checked compression - 140 +/- on all cylinders.

All I can do now is rebuild the carbs and recheck the valve clearances
(they were spot on a couple of months ago) =

Any other ideas.  I'm at the point of taking it to my mechanic but he kno=
even less than me about MGs, which is scary.

TIA,      Adrian

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