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Can't go over 3500 rpm

To: MG <mgs@Autox.Team.Net>
Subject: Can't go over 3500 rpm
From: Adrian Jones <>
Date: Fri, 22 Aug 1997 12:56:55 -0400
Hi folks,
        Could I have your advice on a problem I'm having with my "little
gem" as someone once called it.
        Coming home one day it suddenly wouldn't  rev over 3500rpm - and
even started back-firing in the exhaust (under the drivers seat) if I tri=
to give it more gas.  It seems just fine under 3500rpm.
        I've been working on it for the past week and I'm running out of
things to try next.
        I've put in new points, condenser, rotor, plugs, electronic fuel
pump.  I've tried swapping the dist cap and plug wires with old but good
ones (I think).  I took the SU carbs apart and cleaned the insides, check=
the float height and messed about with the mixture.  The "pistons" seem t=
go up and down smoothly.  Removing the air filters didn't help. =

         The compression is 140 +/- 5 on all cylinders. The timing is spo=
on (12BTDC) and so is the dwell (60 degrees).  I suppose I should re-chec=
the valve clearances but somehow I don't think that is the problem. =

        I'll be ordering a new distributor cap and plugs wires from Moss
(unless someone knows of a local source- this is a 1275 Midget) - is ther=
anything else I should add to the list.  Should I go ahead and get new
needles and jets?
        Anything else I could check on?  Many thanks for any replies.

Regards,     Adrian   =

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