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Re: 69 MGB

To: James Murray <>, Russell H Read <>
Subject: Re: 69 MGB
From: Chris Delling <>
Date: Wed, 15 Oct 1997 10:12:00 -0400
Jim, Russell, etc.

The "plug" on the side of the tranny did not make it's appearance until
later (1977 I think) model year cars.  Earlier cars had the aforementioned
dipstick/filler hole.


Chris Delling

At 10:29 PM 10/14/97 -0700, James Murray wrote:
>About halfway up on the side of the transmission is a similar plug to add and
>check fluid level. Fluid level is to the bottom of the hole when you take the
>plug out.
>Russell H Read wrote:
>> OK this may sound dumb but I just got to ask. I am crawling all over my new
>> 69 MGB getting to know it, looking for rust, broken wires, etc. I crawl
>> under the car I see the transmission has a place to ( i assume )drain
>> fluid. Which brings to mind how, and where do i check to see how much fluid
>> I have.
>> I hope this is not to simple for this list.
>> Thanks for your help
>> Russell H Read
>> 69 MGB

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