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Re: od oops...

To: robert williford <RDWILLI@VM.SC.EDU>, mgs@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: Re: od oops...
From: Chris Delling <>
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 1997 20:27:29 -0500

No worries mate!  So long as the car was not reversed in this condition,
your fine.  Ran across a fellow at John Twist's party this summer who races
he B in SCCA and Vintage events.  He has done exactly what you have done,
effectively giving him two sets of gear ratio's for short, curvy tracks vs.
tracks with a lot of WFO straights.

I suppose that some clever sort could work out away to use the reverse
light switch to disable the circuit when the reverse light switch is
energized.  Seems that a normally closed relay, wired into the back up
light switch would do the trick, thereby eliminating the problem of the
overdrive being engaged when the car is reversed.  Of course the problem
here is that when the back-up switch fails, so does your relay circuit . . .


Chris Delling

At 09:51 AM 10/29/97 EST, robert williford wrote:
>what are the possible dire consequences of driving in gears 1-4 with the
>overdrive engaged?  i have a 77 LH type overdrive on my 73 mgb.  i
>recently bypassed the 4th gear lockout switch because it was causing the
>od to jump in and out at cruising speeds.  i installed a panel light to
>remind me that the od was engaged.  well, my wife took the car out
>yesterday afternoon....when she returned, i thought i smelled burnt
>clutch....she promises she only went through one full gear cycle (1-4)
>before realizing that the unit was engaged.  i took the car for a brief
>spin and the overdrive seemed fine.
>should i expect any big problems from this?  (at least she never put it
>                                                reverse....)

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