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Re: OD engagement light

To: Carol <>, "Romper Room" <mgs@Autox.Team.Net>
Subject: Re: OD engagement light
From: Chris Delling <>
Date: Wed, 29 Oct 1997 20:42:58 -0500

Emphatically, yes.  They really aren't much trouble 'tall.  You can leave
the overdrive engaged all the time if you want.  I find that I use mine
excusively for high speed cruising, however.  Around town, switching on and
off to get one extra ratio (O.D. third and straight fourth are so close
that I can't tell the difference) is too fussy in my opinion.  But oh how
sweet it is when the speedo see's the high side of 60.


Chris Delling

At 07:18 PM 10/29/97 -0600, Carol wrote:
>I'm about to commit blasphemy here, but...
>Is overdrive REALLY worth all the aggravation that I have been reading
>about on this list for over a year... If I had to remember to turn
>something on and off, I'd be buying new transmissions almost daily... slow
>Of course there's something to be said for a quieter drive and better gas
>mileage and...
>At 06:48 PM 10/29/97 EST, you wrote:
>>Hi Randy,
>>  I installed an indicator light, though it may not be necessary. If you
>>splice into the wire that leads from the 3-4 gear switch to the solenoid,
>>and ground the light to earth somewhere, you know when the OD is engaged
>>or not engaged, and you know when that friggin'  yellow wire to the
>>switch  has vibrated off the switch again. 
>>  If you hook up on the input to the switch, you have a reminder to shut
>>off the OD at a stoplight so you don't accelerate like 1st, 2nd, 4th....
>>On Wed, 29 Oct 1997 11:12:05 -0800 "Randy Rees (Volt Computer)"
>><> writes:
>>>Here is a question then, has anyone ever set up a light to tell them
>>>when OD is engaged? It would be a bummer to have it engaged and forget
>>>about it. Or is this even necessary?
>>>Randy Rees
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>>>> robert williford wrote:
>>>> > should i expect any big problems from this?  (at least she never 
>>>> it
>>>> >                                                 reverse....)
>>>> Fix the problem, Bob. The OD is expensive. The switch ain't so bad.
>>>> You will
>>>> eventually put the car in reverse. When you do you better hope the
>>>> engine
>>>> dies otherwise the aluminum case must crack to make room for the
>>>> expanding
>>>> metal fingers of the sprague clutch at the end of the overdrive 
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