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Woe is Me

To: mgs@Autox.Team.Net
Subject: Woe is Me
From: Chris Delling <>
Date: Sun, 02 Nov 1997 06:05:35 -0500
Well, I spent the better part of the morning and early afternoon doing the
deed that I dread the most - putting the B to bed for the winter.  As much
as I don't want to admit it, the weather service keeps mentioning that "S"
word (which leads to two more - slush and salt), and the thremometer tells
me that the driving season is winding down.

Then, things got worse.  While "winterizing" the engine compartment, two
white streaks were observed on the cylinder head between No. 2 & 3.
Telltale sign of a cracked head.  I won't be able to verify until the head
comes off and is magnafluxed, but it don't look good.  To quote Bill Murray
from Stripes "And then, depression set it".

So it looks like I may be in the market for a replacement head.  I cannot
see the benefit of the new crossflow head for my mainly stock late model
motor.  Someone here did make mention of a aluminum head that was patterned
after the B head.  Don't remember who brought it up.  Anyone have any info?
 Otherwise, anyone have a rebuilt (or re-buildable) smog type head for
sale?  Please advise.

Best Regards,

Chris Delling

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