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Subject: Re: Woe is Me
From: "A.B. Bonds" <>
Date: Sun, 02 Nov 1997 15:01:59 -0600
At 06:05 AM 11/2/97 -0500, you wrote:
>So it looks like I may be in the market for a replacement head.  I cannot
>see the benefit of the new crossflow head for my mainly stock late model
>motor.  Someone here did make mention of a aluminum head that was patterned
>after the B head.  Don't remember who brought it up.  Anyone have any info?

Yes, there were some standard aluminum heads made by Pierce.  I am told that
altogether something like 107 were made, all have been sold.  They have very
efficient combustion chambers, use the small valve size.

I got a very nice rebuilt head from British Parts Northwest (advertises in
Hemmings Motor News).  Something like $375 with stainless exhaust valves and
hardened seats.
They apparently get these from England, as they use the European casting ;),
no injection ports = less prone to cracking.  You can get them with
injection ports if the pump is a must :(.  I think now the price is up to
$400.  These are fully assembled, no core required.

                        A. B. Bonds

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