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NON LBC Re: Yankee Go Home/Now Setting the record straight

To: John Steczkowski <>, Benjamin Ruset <>
Subject: NON LBC Re: Yankee Go Home/Now Setting the record straight
From: Chris Delling <>
Date: Thu, 04 Dec 1997 13:57:43 -0500
To really set the record straight, it goes like this.  Nash/Packard became
American Motors.  American Motors built a car called the Eagle in the 70's.
 It was a four wheel drive car built on the same platform that brought us
the Pacer.  American Motors also owned Jeep.

Chrysler bought American Motors in the 80's, to get the Jeep name.  At this
time, American Motors was actually owned in part by Renault, and the cars
being offered at this time were co-designed with Renault (Alliance, Encore,
Premier).  In order to appease all the interested parties at AMC at the
time, Chrysler agreed to continue to manufacture cars that at the time were
being sold by AMC dealers, as part of the buyout.  The AMC product line
became Eagle.  The original marketing plan called for the division to offer
cars that would be "import-like", to fight for the market segment owned by
the Japanese, and to a lesser extent VW.  Recent offerings included the
Vision - an Eagle badged LH sedan (like the Dodge Intrepid), the Talon
(Co-built with Mitusbishi, also sold as the Plymouth Laser and with a
Mitsubishi nameplate), and a little sedan and a microvan that were
re-badged Mitsubishis.  

With the end of the 1997 model year, the Eagle brand was discontinued.  A
current move is underway to consolidate dealerships that carry Jeep with
other dealers, probably Chrysler-Plymouth dealers, as the Dodge dealers
already have a viable truck product.



At 09:19 AM 12/4/97 -0600, John Steczkowski wrote:
>  i maybe terribly wrong, but i thought chrysler had a hand in eagle.
>i know that the talon, plymouth laser, and mitsu eclipse were the same
>car for a period of fact, manyof chrysler's cars were re-
>badged mitsubishi's for awhile....since NAFTA, chrysler builds them in
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>Benjamin Ruset wrote:
>> >1. Lots of marques disappear without a word. I'm old enough to remember
>> >De Soto, Hudson, Rambler, American Motors, Packard. The only one I do
>> >remember a fuss over was Tucker, and that was a scandal, not a regret.
>> >Back then us kids could tell the cars apart, and identifying the year and
>> >make of a car was important to kids. Now all the cars look like they
>> >should be squashed with the heel of a shoe. Perhaps that's why we like
>> >classic cars, they have style and romance about them.
>> Isn't AMC = Eagle?
>Actually, AMC=Jeep and most Jeap dealers are Eagle dealers.
>Isn't Eagle now kaput as well?
>> I agree. Most of these econbox commuter cars should be squished!
>> >Also, the Jaguars that you are so high on are owned by Ford, who  greatly
>> >improved their quality.
>> ... and their looks, and their styling, and ...
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