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Re: NON LBC Re: Yankee Go Home/Now Setting the record straight

To: (John McEwen)
Subject: Re: NON LBC Re: Yankee Go Home/Now Setting the record straight
From: Chris Delling <>
Date: Thu, 04 Dec 1997 16:09:54 -0500
My apologies.  You are correct.  I believe that the remainder of my post is



At 03:43 PM 12/4/97 -0500, John McEwen wrote:
>Hi Chris:
>I didn't know some of the recent history, however American Motors
>Corporation, of Kenosha, Wisconsin, aka AMC, was formed in 1954 by a merger
>with Nash and Hudson not Packard.  After the deaths of the names Nash and
>Hudson in 1957, all AMC products were called Ramblers - after the Nash
>Rambler compact introduced in 1950, itself named after the original Rambler
>which was the ancestor of Nash.
>The Hudson connection was commemorated in the names of two of AMCs '70s
>cars, the Hornet and the Pacer.  These were famous model names of Hudsons
>during the early '50s.  In fact the Hudson Hornet was a NASCAR/AAA champion
>for several years.
>The Nash connection was through the Rambler and the Ambassador.  AMCs small
>compact in the '60s was the American and its muscle cars were the Javelin
>and the AMX.
>AMC acquired Jeep from Kaiser Corporation in the mid '60s and it was this
>asset which led to the eventual purchase by Chrysler.  The Eagle name
>originated with the Willys car of the early '50s.  Willys was owned by
>Kaiser.  It is interesting to note how AMC looked to its roots to name its
>John McEwen
>>To really set the record straight, it goes like this.  Nash/Packard became
>>American Motors.  American Motors built a car called the Eagle in the 70's.
>> It was a four wheel drive car built on the same platform that brought us
>>the Pacer.  American Motors also owned Jeep.
>>Chrysler bought American Motors in the 80's, to get the Jeep name.  At this
>>time, American Motors was actually owned in part by Renault, and the cars
>>being offered at this time were co-designed with Renault (Alliance, Encore,
>>Premier).  In order to appease all the interested parties at AMC at the
>>time, Chrysler agreed to continue to manufacture cars that at the time were
>>being sold by AMC dealers, as part of the buyout.  The AMC product line
>>became Eagle.  The original marketing plan called for the division to offer
>>cars that would be "import-like", to fight for the market segment owned by
>>the Japanese, and to a lesser extent VW.  Recent offerings included the
>>Vision - an Eagle badged LH sedan (like the Dodge Intrepid), the Talon
>>(Co-built with Mitusbishi, also sold as the Plymouth Laser and with a
>>Mitsubishi nameplate), and a little sedan and a microvan that were
>>re-badged Mitsubishis.
>>With the end of the 1997 model year, the Eagle brand was discontinued.  A
>>current move is underway to consolidate dealerships that carry Jeep with
>>other dealers, probably Chrysler-Plymouth dealers, as the Dodge dealers
>>already have a viable truck product.
>>At 09:19 AM 12/4/97 -0600, John Steczkowski wrote:
>>>  i maybe terribly wrong, but i thought chrysler had a hand in eagle.
>>>i know that the talon, plymouth laser, and mitsu eclipse were the same
>>>car for a period of fact, manyof chrysler's cars were re-
>>>badged mitsubishi's for awhile....since NAFTA, chrysler builds them in
>>>----------------------------Original message----------------------------
>>>Benjamin Ruset wrote:
>>>> >1. Lots of marques disappear without a word. I'm old enough to remember
>>>> >De Soto, Hudson, Rambler, American Motors, Packard. The only one I do
>>>> >remember a fuss over was Tucker, and that was a scandal, not a regret.
>>>> >Back then us kids could tell the cars apart, and identifying the year
>>>> >make of a car was important to kids. Now all the cars look like they
>>>> >should be squashed with the heel of a shoe. Perhaps that's why we like
>>>> >classic cars, they have style and romance about them.
>>>> Isn't AMC = Eagle?
>>>Actually, AMC=Jeep and most Jeap dealers are Eagle dealers.
>>>Isn't Eagle now kaput as well?
>>>> I agree. Most of these econbox commuter cars should be squished!
>>>> >Also, the Jaguars that you are so high on are owned by Ford, who
>>>> >improved their quality.
>>>> ... and their looks, and their styling, and ...
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