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Re: Chrome vs. Rubber

To: "Frank R. Krajewski" <>
Subject: Re: Chrome vs. Rubber
Date: Thu, 01 Jan 1998 17:36:46 -0800
The new issue of Thoroughbred and Classic Cars Magazine has a Rubber bumper
car on the cover and the feature story "MGB--the smart money is back in
Just my .02

Frank R. Krajewski wrote:

> I invite anyone who prefers the rubber bumper B to the chrome bumper to
> test drive my 1964 B with app. 95 stock HP and then my 1980 MGBLE with
> app. 60 HP(after a good tune up!). Then extol the virtues of that rubber
> bumpered B. I love them both but the 64 is a true sports car performance
> wise. The 1980 is a very nice leisurely touring automobile the the SO
> appreciates.
> Frank Krajewski (RI "Swamp Yankee")

'59 Bugeye Sprite (Buick V6 powered!)

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