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Re: Supercharged LBC

To: Mike Lishego <>,
Subject: Re: Supercharged LBC
From: Chris Delling <>
Date: Mon, 05 Jan 1998 18:32:54 -0500
How's this -

A supercharger A.K.A. "blower", is an device which is mechanically driven
off the crankshaft.  It compresses the intake charge, which results in a
more powerful "explosion" when the intake charge is further compressed, and
then ignited by the plug.

A turbocharger performs a similar jib.  It consists of two wheels, mounted
on opposite ends of a spindle.  One wheel is a turbine, it is driven by the
exhaust gas.  As the turbine is rotated, at the opposite end of the
spindle, a compressor is rotated, again pressurizing the intake charge. 

Since exhaust gas velocities are rather slow at low R.P.M., there is little
compression of the intake charge, due to the slow rotation of the spindle.
The increase of the engine rpm does not instantly result in a similar
increase in spindle rpm.  Until the spindle accelerates, there is little
"boost pressure" (read compression), and this is what causes turbo lag.
Since the supercharger is mechanically driven off the crank, the compressor
speed increases directly as a function of engine rpm, meaning no lag.


Chris Delling

At 05:35 PM 1/5/98 -0800, Mike Lishego wrote:
>I hate to show my general automotive ignorance, but can someone explain to
me the 
>difference between superchargers, blowers, and turbo units?  I'd like to
know so I 
>don't make a similar mistake in the future...
>Michael S. Lishego
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>English Minor, Class of 1999
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