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Re: Supercharged LBC

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Subject: Re: Supercharged LBC
From: "Jerry Causey" <>
Date: Mon, 5 Jan 1998 19:25:50 -0800
> Mike Lishego wrote:
> > 
> > I hate to show my general automotive ignorance, but can someone explain to 
>me the
> > difference between superchargers, blowers,and turbo units?
Supercharges are positive displacement air pumps. They pump a particular 
quantity of air into the engine for every revolution they turn, so the effect 
is noticeable at every point in the engine's RPM range.  The boost pressure 
remains more or less constant across the engine's entire RPM range. A blower is 
an Americanism for a supercharger. A turbo is a pair of fans (turbines) mounted 
on a common shaft. One sits in the exhaust stream and is spun by the exhaust 
pumped out by the engine. The other fan sits in the intake stream and pushs air 
into the engine. The faster the engine spins, the faster the turbo spins, and 
the larger the volume of air pushed into the engine. Generally speaking, turbo 
boost increases as engine RPMs increase.

Jerry Causey

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