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Re: New Toys

To: Scott Gardner <>
Subject: Re: New Toys
From: John Steczkowski <>
Date: Mon, 16 Feb 1998 08:20:21 -0600
The g-analyst and the G-force are different animals, The G-analyst basically
does cornering, braking accelerating analyses. It's more for analyzing how your
car and your driving complete a race course. The g-tech is more just for
acceleration, (you can also do skid pad, but it just gives one reading as 
to the real time graph that the g-analyst does).

I used to have a g-analyst and it's cool, but I may by a g-tech when they come
out with the 1/8th mile unit. Usually, I want to see how something has affected
my 0-60 time, which is difficult to determine with a g-analyst. I do autocross,
but analyzing the courses with the g-analyst was more of a pain than it was

Scott Gardner wrote:

> > Hello All-
> >
> > Thought I would share a new toy that is just the ticket for anyone
> > interested in gauging vehicle performance.  My wife presented it to me as a
> > gift for our anniversary yesterday, and it's fun.
> >
> > It's called the G-Force, and it's made by Tesla Electronics.  It is a small
> > performance "computer" which will monitor 0-60 time, 1/4 mile E.T. and Trap
> > Speed, 60-0 braking, and with a bit more work, cornering forces, and rear
> > wheel H.P (sorta a reach on that last one)
> >
> <<SNIP>>
> > All the usual disclaimers apply.
> >
> > Regards,
> >
> > Chris Delling
> >
> >
> This is hardly a new toy, since I've seen the same thing in Road and
> Track magazine for the last ten years, although I think it may have
> gone under the name "G-analyst".  I didn't realize the price had
> dropped so much on them, though.  I thought I remembered them being
> in the $375 range.
>         I think the acceleration/speed measurements are neat, but you're
> probably not going to do them too often.  I think the best feature
> are the lateral-g measurements, because you can detect and correct
> mistakes such as pinched turns, early turns, and later turns.
> Probably only really helpful if you race, but fun nonethless.  Does
> your unit have the recording feature so you can review a run
> afterwards, and/or output the graphs to a printer?  Also, does it
> just give you numbers for all the measurements, or does it produce
> graphs as well?
> scott

John Steczkowski
Director, Business Systems Solutions, Central & West
PSW Technologies, Inc.

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