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Help! Car won't start

To: MG <mgs@Autox.Team.Net>
Subject: Help! Car won't start
From: Adrian Jones <>
Date: Thu, 2 Apr 1998 20:58:56 -0500
Well, this has really got me stumped.  Now, I can't even get my 1500 Midg=
to start up, let alone run proper.

I was making a trip to the big city and had gone about 10 or 15 miles whe=
the engine missed a couple of times .  I turned round and headed back hom=
 After stopping at the grocery store, I  then had a terrible time getting=

the thing started again.  Anyway I made it back home but going about 50 m=
because the engine wouldn't rev over about 3000 rpm.

Back home, I replaced the (mechanical) fuel pump and she fired right up. =
drove down the road about half a mile and, going round a corner, she
totally quit.  So there I am, with no top and the hood up and it starts t=
rain and the neighbours driving past.  Well, I disconnected the fuel line=

at the carb and cranked it.  Sure enough, there was fuel coming out. =

Unfortunately, the car did not burst into flames.  Reconnected everything=

and it fired right up and I got back home before it quit in the garage.

Well, I've taken the ZS carb apart and checked the float level.  The floa=
also floated in a can of fuel after been weighted down for about an hour.=

The needle valve isn't sticking and everything looks OK.  The manifolds a=
not cracked and they are securely mounted to the engine.

I swapped the plugs, checked the resistance of the plug wires, and at lea=
two of the plugs spark when the engine is cranked.  Its got an Ignitor se=
up (unkown age) with a relatively new rotor.

Anyway sometimes it runs for about a second or so, other times it doesn't=

catch at all.  I checked the pump again and it  seems to be working fine =
pumping a decent quantity of fuel in a can.

I'm afraid to take a compression reading on the cylinders because if ther=
is anything mechanically wrong, out comes the humungous sledge hammer. =

(This is the engine that I spent several days in Purgatory with, changing=

the big end bearings from under the car) =

Any ideas.  Thanks, as always,  Adrian

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