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Re: Help! Car won't start

Subject: Re: Help! Car won't start
Date: Fri, 03 Apr 1998 09:32:39 EST
  Have you wiped a piece of paper between the points on the fuel pump?  I
keep a sliver of 320 wet&dry sandpaper in my glovebox. It's just the
ticket for these sticky points or slightly burned ignition points, just
fold it double so there is abrasive on both sides, put it between the
points, press them together and pull out the wet&dry.
  Today the engine in the TD comes out, I hope. Bearings--just corroded
away, not worn out at all.  My father stored the car for about 10 years,
and we're assuming that he did not put in fresh oil before he put it
away.  No way to tell exactly, but the bigends and the mains are just
like Swiss cheeze or terminal teenage acne. Pieces will flake off with
fingernail pressure.  I owe a big one to Skip Kelsey who, in our oil
pressure correspondence, kept on me to look at the bearings, even though
I "knew" that the mileage on them was not great enough to cause them to
be worn out.

On Fri, 3 Apr 1998 08:35:19 -0500 Adrian Jones
<> writes:
>Message text written by ROBERT G. HOWARD
>>Although I tried to find the unabomber's phone in every town
>where the engine died, it was to no avail.<
>Good one, Bob!
>I'm tending to think that, although it sounds like a fuel problem, it 
>be ignition.  It has the Pertronix set up so the disadvatage is that 
>cannot piddle around with it like you can with points.  That is, 
>either i=
>is good or it is bad, but there is know way to tell easily.
>Anyhoo, I'll post to the list when I find out what is wrong.
>Take it easy, mate

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