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RE: Help! Won't start. Update!

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Subject: RE: Help! Won't start. Update!
From: Christopher Delling <>
Date: Sat, 4 Apr 1998 09:50:22 -0500

You missed the point of Tyson's message.  If it is the coil, the =
ignition module, etc, it is likely a symptom that is heat related.  This =
would explain why your car runs for a bit, then stops, then starts again =
once the faulty component cools off.  I had a electronic ignition module =
do this, others have seen similar occurances with the coil.  The Flash =
Test won't tell you when you have an intermittant spark.



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Message text written by Tyson Sherman
>Sounds a whole lot like the ignition.  You can sorta watch the tach =
it if just drops dead, it's most-likely ignition.  If the car (and
tach) sputter and stumble then the fuel system should be inspected.  I =
troubles in my 76 B a while back and when the coil cut out, the car =
instantly, no sputter or anything.

Well, I hooked up a Gunson "FlashTest" to each plug wire and got healthy
Thanks for the suggestion though ole chap.

Regards,  Adrian

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