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RE: Help! Won't start. Update!

To: MG <mgs@Autox.Team.Net>
Subject: RE: Help! Won't start. Update!
From: Adrian Jones <>
Date: Sat, 4 Apr 1998 19:21:40 -0500
Message text written by Christopher Delling
You missed the point of Tyson's message.  If it is the coil, the ignition=

module, etc, it is likely a symptom that is heat related.  This would
explain why your car runs for a bit, then stops, then starts again once t=
faulty component cools off.  I had a electronic ignition module do this,
others have seen similar occurances with the coil.  The Flash Test won't
tell you when you have an intermittant spark.



Oh.  I guess I did miss the point.  Thanks for the clarification.  I'd
better bite the bullet and get another Ignitor, as far as I can see the
only way to test it is by substitution.  Carquest is getting me a new
rotor.  Not much else - plug leads had almost no resistance and I swapped=

It wouldn't start this morning at all.  I took the ZS carb off and there
was only a teaspoonful of gas in it.  I was sure it was going to be a
plugged up needle valve but it was as clean as a whistle and I could blow=

through it quite easily.  It doesn't look like it was sticking, either. =

The metering jet looked real clean and the float height was spot on.
I filled it full of gas on the bench through the gas intake pipe until it=

started overflowing back out of the pipe.  Here's the sad part - the P.O.=
is leaking!  It looks like the gas is coming from one of the screws that
hold down the float chamber.  I disassembled it again and teflon taped th=
six screws holding the chamber on and refilled it - still leaking about a=

drop every five seconds.  I left it over a beaker (alright, an empty
pudding cup) for half an hour.  Came back and it had leaked about a
teaspoonful.  Not much, as the chamber holds almost half a cup.  I put th=
carb back on the car and it fired up and idled just fine for 10 minutes o=
more before I turned it off.  This afternoon was real cold though (compar=
to the mid eighties we've been having of late), so any components that fa=
with heat would be working OK today.  =

As far as the leaking goes, would it be worth as shot to find some small
rubber O-rings for the hold down screws. If so, should I leave off the
split ring washers and use blue lock-tite?  Or would this be a waste of
I'm reluctant to go for a test drive, as I was lucky to get home last tim=
 I'll keep at it and let you all know what happens.  My other Midget is
waiting in line.   Time for a bleeding session.

Hey Frank, how much were those BMW things?

Best Regards,  Adrian   =

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