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Bradakis (and others) at Dixon - May 17th

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Subject: Bradakis (and others) at Dixon - May 17th
From: (KILE, PAUL D)
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 16:46:15 -0700

What do you look like and what sort of parts are you going to be selling
at Dixon?  Don't worry, I don't need to chastize you further.  I just
know that there are probably a lot of us cyber-MG folks who attend these
meets, and we pass each other without knowing it.  

I will be there, I won't be selling parts this year, but I will be
wandering the swap meet area in search of that elusive goodie or two for
my GT V-8.  I'm middle aged, slightly portly with glasses, and will be
wearing my BMC Rosette baseball cap, covered with pins.

Maybe all of us on the list should agree to meet at Mark's vendor spot
at a certain time, or else we could all wear something like British
Racing Green armbands, so we can recognize (or avoid!) each other.  

Who plans to attend, and what does everyone think?

Paul Kile
1974 MGB-GT V-8  

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