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Re: Bradakis (and others) at Dixon - May 17th

Subject: Re: Bradakis (and others) at Dixon - May 17th
From: (Nina Barton)
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 1998 18:53:14 -0700
Sounds good to me.  I think it would be a fine idea to wear something
recognizable or meet at Mark's spot at a certain time like you suggested.
I'm pretty flexible as to details.  Good idea!!  Maybe around 11 a.m. or
so, if the shopping is better in the morning.  I think we're all looking
for parts.  Nina

At  4:46 PM 4/15/98 -0700, KILE, PAUL D wrote:
>What do you look like and what sort of parts are you going to be selling
>at Dixon?  Don't worry, I don't need to chastize you further.  I just
>know that there are probably a lot of us cyber-MG folks who attend these
>meets, and we pass each other without knowing it.
>I will be there, I won't be selling parts this year, but I will be
>wandering the swap meet area in search of that elusive goodie or two for
>my GT V-8.  I'm middle aged, slightly portly with glasses, and will be
>wearing my BMC Rosette baseball cap, covered with pins.
>Maybe all of us on the list should agree to meet at Mark's vendor spot
>at a certain time, or else we could all wear something like British
>Racing Green armbands, so we can recognize (or avoid!) each other.
>Who plans to attend, and what does everyone think?
>Paul Kile
>1974 MGB-GT V-8

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