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Re: 77-80 B Speakers

Subject: Re: 77-80 B Speakers
From: "Scott Gardner" <>
Date: Fri, 24 Apr 1998 14:47:00 +0000
> I don't have any speaker grills in my door panels, and I really don't care 
> originality (I think that the door panels are reproductions anyway) I'd at 
>least like
> 5.25" speakers. Has anyone had any experience? What about mounting them 
>somewhere else?
> My B has no radio or speakers, and the local Warehouse Electronics said that 
>they would
> have to do "something custom" (read: wallet smashing). Anyway, if someone is 
>going to
> do something custom to my B, it's going to be me! I'd like to hear something 
> the Monza exhaust....
> Jason

        If you're willing to do some custom work, consider some build-out 
panels for the kick panels.  You'll get better stereo separation, and 
you should be able to fit a pair of 6 1/2" or 8" mids in them (one 
on each side), with room for tweeters as well.  Alternatively, you 
could put the tweeters low in the doors, keeping them close to the 
        Another advantage of kickpanel speakers is that you don't have to 
run wires into the doors, cleaning up the install a little bit.  I 
would recommend an external amp, since all convertibles are noisy, 
and MGs with Monza exhausts are noiser than most...

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