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Re: Rear Gear Tooth Count 4 Ratio?

To: Jay Quinn <>
Subject: Re: Rear Gear Tooth Count 4 Ratio?
From: Larry Dickstein <>
Date: Sun, 03 May 1998 15:52:34 -0700
Jay Quinn wrote:
> Is it possible for me to count the number of teeth
> on the ring as well as the pinion gears and come up
> with the ratio?
> If so, then whats the ring gear and pinion gear
> tooth count numbers to determine the ratio for 4.22:1,
> 3.9:1 and 3.7:1?
> TIA,
> Q
Yep, it's possible.  If you have it that far apart, then look for a
number on the ring gear i.e.,   xx/xx.  Divide the larger number by the
smaller number and you will come up w/ 3.90 or 4.10 or 4.22 or whatever
the ratio is.  The number is there to keep you from having to count the
Larry Dickstein     Kansas City, MO

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