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my MG can't hack texas....

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Subject: my MG can't hack texas....
From: "John Steczkowski" <>
Date: Wed, 3 Jun 1998 13:07:08 -0500
I'm having a problem with my MG running hot, it doesn't overheat/boil over,
it's just hotter than I would like, which also lowers the oil pressure
(starts at 75 psi off idle, 50 psi at idle, when hot 50psi off idle, 25 or
so at idle; 20w50 oil).

In Austin it's been high 90s for the last week or so, and when I drive my
MG, it's been running at 3/4 scale or so on the gauge. In order to get the
temp down, I just installed an electric fan, the fan comes on properly and
seems to have made a difference, it takes longer to get hot and peak temp is
down, but it's still over half gauge. I then swapped the thermostat, (it had
a 195 degree one in it), I installed a 160 degree. That seems to have
helped, unfortuneately I tested it at about 11:00pm and it was high 80s,
I'll test again after work today to see if it it's still improved in the
heat of the day. But, when I did test, cruising at 70, still puts the temp
at over half gauge.

When I look in the radiator, the passages I can see look clear, but I may
take it and get it "rodded". Does anyone know of a source for a larger

The other think I need to do is fix the shrouding on the new electric fan. I
bought a 12" fan and it's to big to fit flat on the radiator (hits the tanks
on top and bottom), so I need to get some insulation of some sort and fill
the gaps so that the air is forced through the radiator.  This will help
some, but I can't imagine it will solve the problem..

I guess the next step is an oil cooler.

By the way, I also checked the timing and it's about right.

I also replaced the oil filter with a premium one (it had a "beck/arnley).
That had zero effect on the oil pressure, I guess it's temperature related.
I might by an oil temp gauge so I can see what the temps are like.

Any other ideas?

John Steczkowski
Director, Business Systems Solutions, Central & West
PSW Technologies, Inc.

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