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Re: Cooling System "Duh"s and MOWOGian tribulations

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Subject: Re: Cooling System "Duh"s and MOWOGian tribulations
From: "Harlan Jillson" <>
Date: Thu, 2 Jul 1998 22:03:38 -0500
   As a point of reference.  I had to change out a failed
temperature sensor last week on my '70 GT.  To get
an idea of how calibrated the system was, I
connected the sensor and a ground lead to the engine
block.  Then dunked the sensor into a pan of almost
boiling water ( I cooled slightly on the way to the car).
The indication for roughly 210 degree F. water was
just over half way between N and H.  Guessing I'd
say that N was somewhere around 170/180?

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From: Dan Ray <>
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Date: Thursday, July 02, 1998 7:42 PM
Subject: Cooling System "Duh"s and MOWOGian tribulations

>Ok, so I don't have 110% fluid in my radiator, none has escaped yet anyway!
>Now that I've read the owners manual in the Bentley...DUH! "N" stands for
>"Normal", so I guess I'm "normal" hehe, although I'd still like a bit more
>room for error. I'm going to order some Redline Water Wetter with my next
>parts order and see if that helps. I'm not ready to go the electric fan
>route just yet -- going to keep it as original as possible for now. :)
>Also, folks, the "spongy" radiator seal that noone installs anymore? I
>out why -- opened the hood and found one half of it back by the distributor
>where it had landed after slipping into the fan. Ha! I knew MOWOG would
>something for me! Live and learn, I guess.
>Oh yes, and my clutch is starting to slip now...nothing serious yet, but
>getting there. My bet is the drain hole on the bell housing isn't keeping
>with the rear main seal, I know the drysweep in my driveway sure isn't.
>That engine's gonna have to come out sooner rather than later I'm
>afraid...maybe I can coax it through the summer.
>Damn, no birthdays or Christmases any time soon.
>Cheers, I guess...stiff upper lip and all, whot?
>73 B -- content but obviously not satisfied until she gets her motor pulled
>(now I KNOW this car is female!)

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