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Re: looking at an mgb... (cont.)

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Subject: Re: looking at an mgb... (cont.)
From: "Harlan Jillson" <>
Date: Thu, 2 Jul 1998 22:16:34 -0500
   Look carefully at the rust under the drivers side. 
This in conjunction with the passenger door rubbing
at the bottom would worry me, especially since the
car has been re-sprayed.  It could be nothing, but 
it could also be serious.  You might want to try and 
jack the car up from the passenger side jack point.
Then check the passenger side door and see if you
can still open it.  What you could be looking at is a 
car with significant rust in the sills that has been 
cosmetically repaired and sprayed over.  If this is
the case, while the car may be recoverable, it would
not command a $3800 price tag.

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From: Sam Snow <>
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Date: Thursday, July 02, 1998 12:35 PM
Subject: looking at an mgb... (cont.)

>So, I'm trying to decide what else I should check on this car. I'm going
>to look at prices in Hemmings and some of the "blue books" tonight to see
>if it seems in line. 
>'74.5 (rubber bumper, twin carb) White MGB, 69,000 miles
>Interior: average to worn
>Paint: Has been resprayed... few chips around and about.
>New tires, alloy wheels, 
>New brake cyls, master cyl. 
>Pretty new top, with a 3-4 inch rip at the passenger side top of
>bad things I noticed: 
>Speedo jumps around a bunch, isn't reading anything useful.
>A little surface rust under the floor mat on the driver's side. A little
>moist there. 
>Needs a tune up (I think)
>Exhaust leak close to engine end 
>Seats need rebuilding
>passenger door rubbing at bottom rear slightly, needs paint touched up
>Price $3,800 OBO
>I was thinking a compression check would be a good thing... and might
>give me a better idea of how the engine is doing. Otherwise, if the price
>seems in line, I may buy myself a B. :)
>thanks for opinions, 
>Sam Snow

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