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Re: Glove compartment door

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Subject: Re: Glove compartment door
From: "bill" <>
Date: Mon, 6 Jul 1998 14:21:52 -0700
The U-latch is held by two Phillips screws:  take a shorty screwdriver and
loosen them.  Fiddle with adjustments until it locks securely - you will
probably have to move it forward, but don't make it too loose or it will
pop open on bumps,etc.
I find its most secure when it takes an extra strong push right next to the
locking mechanism to snap it shut.


> From: F Crocker <>
> To: MG mailing list <>
> Subject: Glove compartment door
> Date: Monday, July 06, 1998 2:06 PM
> The glove compartment door on our 79 MGB does not latch.  Everything
> works when open, so I judge that the locking mechanism does not go in
> far enough to be triggered by the U-latch on the top.
> I could try shimming the locking mechanism so that it protrudes further
> into the glove box, but I wonder if there are other fixes known to the
> experts.
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