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RE: fuel injection

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Subject: RE: fuel injection
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Date: Tue, 1 Sep 1998 15:48:52 -0700

Seems to me I recall seeing an Article in British Car Magazine who fitted a
EFI system to his B with little fanfare.  You may want to look at the
article, possibly even contact the author.


Chris Delling

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> Subject: fuel injection
> Since their seems to be a lack of enthusiasm among Brit car aftermarket
> companies to design fuel injection systems, I thought I'd send out some
> feelers.
> Who would be willing to help me study the feasibility of a fuel injection
> system for the
> MGB/MGA, or other automobiles?  I realize that I may be rubbing some the
> wrong way by studying new technology for our dear old vehicles, but I
> can't see how a daily driver could not benefit from such an adaptable
> piece of science.
> If I can get some help doing research I would be grateful. I would love to
> be able to reach a
> consensus on the options of such a conversion.  Right now school and work
> are consuming me, but after school I will take over my families business
> which should afford me ample time and money for projects.
> Thanks for your time
> Jay
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